The designs in this gallery were created by the Head Designer and myself at my current job. I was also the Product Development Manager for all of these styles. 

0115RG18-24 INK 1
0126DK18-32 BEACHGLASS 2
0127BC19-21 DENIM 2
0130CC19-24 INK 2
0148FF19-02 MULTI 2
0150AS19-24 TRUFFLE 1
536BC19-08 CORAL 1
1028SB18-24 BLACK 3
(AGK18) 251AGK18-14 MULTI 1
(BT18) 0137BT18-21 GOLD 2
(AS18) 0127AS18-24 TRUFFLE 2
(GP18-15) 0134GP18-15 MULTI 4
(LE18) 938LE18-08 BLACK 3
(SD18) 0138SD18-21 SILVER 3
(TD18) 1028TD18-24 MULTI 3

The designs in this gallery were designed, patterned, sourced and produced by me for my senior thesis.

vest detail
crop detail
catsuit detail

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