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This page features some concept/mood boards followed by their corresponding line boards.

I gave myself a fun little soft wovens project for Zara SS23 to showcase my knowledge of the contemporary market.


This concept is a polyester satin sleepwear collection that was sold to Kohl's for Summer 2022.

Botanical Sunset Mood.jpg
Botanical Sunset Looks.jpg

This concept is a Lingerie line inspired by Tiffany and Co. This line was created to be sold at Tiffany's along with their engagement rings. I created the entire concept board, but only the bottom three flats of the line board were created by me.

This line is called Delirium, because it is inspired by psychedelics. I wanted to create a fresh take on men's suits for Spring 2015 by including unusual colors and prints. I picture these suits being worn on the red carpet by fashion forward celebrities like A$AP Rocky.

The final line concept is my Senior Collection. I wanted to create clothing that made a clear statement about the wearer's personality. Both of the marble prints were created by me as well. 

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