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With over seven years of experience in the fashion industry, I've had the privilege of contributing to many design categories including sleepwear, loungewear, luxury outerwear, ready-to-wear, activewear, and contemporary swimwear.

In my current role as Senior Designer, I lead the creative charge for a unique sleepwear and loungewear brand exclusively available at Walmart. From conceptualization to execution, I'm responsible for bringing fresh styles to life, utilizing 3D software to visualize designs, and meticulously crafting pre-production tech packs and line sheets. Additionally, I continuously scout for innovative fabrics and trims to elevate our collections.

My experience working with Walmart has equipped me with the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments and adhere to strict standards. Demonstrating a keen eye for design and a results-driven approach, my team and I consistently achieve impressive sell-through rates ranging from 90-99% each season. I take pride in my ability to deeply understand our target customer and tailor designs to resonate with her, irrespective of her size or budget constraints.

Former colleagues have commended my professionalism, leadership skills, and attention to detail. I thrive during challenges, leveraging creativity to devise innovative solutions, and I'm always eager to acquire new skills. My proficiency extends across various design software, including the Adobe Suite, Browzwear 3D, Optitex, and Flex PLM.

If you wish to learn more about my work, please don't hesitate to reach out via email, or the contact form on this page. I am looking forward to the opportunity to connect with you.


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