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I'm Jessica.

My Work

My Work
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About Me

Thanks for checking out my portfolio!

I'm currently the Designer/Merchandiser for a private intimates label at MGT Industries, Inc. In my current position, I design and sketch new styles, create pre-production tech packs, line sheets, and source new fabrics and trims. I have also been fortunate enough to work with several major retailers.

I've been working professionally in fashion for over six years, and all of the images above were developed and produced by my team and me at companies I've worked for. I'm a self-motivated critical thinker, and I'm always looking for opportunities for growth.

My previous colleagues have described me as easy-going, punctual and attentive. I enjoy challenges and finding creative solutions, and I am eager to learn new skills. My software knowledge includes the Adobe Suite, Browzwear 3D, Optitex pattern and marker making softwares, Flex PLM and the Kaledo Suite.

Please feel free to leave me a message below, or contact me via the email on my resume if you'd like to see more examples of my work! I also have references upon request. I look forward to hearing from you.



Sleepwear, Intimates & Loungewear

My most current experience lives in this category. I was the Assistant Designer working with Kohl's to create Lilac+London before being promoted to Designer. I now design for a private label for the largest retailer in the country, Walmart. Adhering to strict policies and tight calendars have become second nature to me, and my team and I have hit sell throughs of 90-99% consistently. I can easily understand the mindset of a target customer and design for her, no matter her size.


Luxury Women's RTW and Outerwear

Working at Dressori gave me the opportunity to design for a customer who preferred to wear silk loungewear and resort wear. I worked closely with the owner of the company and was able to design both bodies and prints. The three prints you see in bottom row of my "work" gallery were all created by me and digitally printed in China. Dressori's styles had a large wholesale price tag, and were sold to high-end boutiques across the country as well as Von Maur. My internship at Lan Jaenicke provided me the ability to work directly with celebrity clientele, creating cashmere outerwear staples that are meant to last.


Activewear and Swimwear

I was excited to try my hand at both men's and women's Activewear during my time at Skechers. I worked with cross-functional teams to create grade rules, BOMs, POMs and ensure all information was correct in Flex PLM for all product that went into stores. I worked with performance knits and conducted fittings regularly. My swimwear experience was freelance, and consisted of creating print designs for a small swim brand based on the designer's vision, and offering my knowlege through consultations about brand direction, pattern measurements and grading.



Thanks for reaching out!

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